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Molson Coors CBPII - Customer Business Planning

Optimise system development

Customer Business Planning (CBP) is critical with any business. It is vital that you know who your customers are, how much business you do with each customer, what level of growth you are projecting and when meetings need to be scheduled.

Molson Coors have been recording this information for many years and know how important it is. They had a problem however; their information was stored in a number of places which meant that accessing a particular piece of data could be slow, and maintaining the information was even slower. They approached Optimise Consultancy Ltd and asked us if we could design and build a system to bring their CBP data together.

Working within their in-house team, Optimise Consultancy helped to develop a “one stop shop” for all the information they needed so that it could be easily accessed by the Molson Coors Account Managers for use in customer meetings, planning and strategy exercises and presentations to the board.

Using Excel 2010 we built a macro driven interface that would allow Account Managers to set-up, review and maintain their customer records. Data was downloaded from a variety of sources directly into a specific Customer Business Plan which is easy to access and update. Now, when an Account Manager meets with their customer, all the data they need is to hand in a coherent, stylish and structured format.

The new Molson Coors CBP system has been such a success we have been asked to go back to look at other areas in the company that could benefit from a re-design.

NBTY Europe Limited (Holland & Barrett) Promotion Planning Tool

Optimise Consultancy can help improve your systems,

Database development, Spreadsheet automation, Browser based interfaces and more.

Each client’s requirements are different and our solutions are all bespoke but these are some examples of development products we have completed recently

NBTY Europe is a huge retailer. You may not recognise their name but will be familiar with the high street chain Holland & Barrett, one of their major brands. Any big retailer needs to promote the products on their shelves using offers and price reductions. Managing those promotions can be a complicated task when there are thousands of products involved.

Although NBTY Europe had tools in place to help with this process the data entry involved was time consuming and fraught with potential for costly mistakes. Optimise Consultancy was asked to re-design the system to streamline and automate the promotion maintenance process. Working with the NBTY Europe in-house development team we used our VBA programming skills to create a series of data entry forms to manipulate the promotions data. Holland & Barratt staff can now enter and update promotions data easily, in less time and with far fewer errors.

This is just one of a number of development projects we have worked on with NBTY Europe over the last few years.

If you think that Optimise Consultancy may be able to improve a process or solve a problem in your business please get in touch.