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Tree of Life ERP Parachute

Optimise system development

The ERP Parachute was developed as a backup system for a company. They needed a system that emulated their existing ordering system so that if they had a problem with their usual programme they could switch over with minimal fuss.

The parachute has been installed and has had to be used in live situations with considerable savings on 'down-time'.

NBTY Europe Limited (Holland & Barrett) PULSE File Distribution Tool

Spirit Group PDR Generator & Analyser

Optimise Consultancy can help improve your systems,

Database development, Spreadsheet automation, Browser based interfaces and more.

Each client’s requirements are different and our solutions are all bespoke but these are some examples of development products we have completed recently

This project was to help automate the reporting mechanism for a large retail chain.

The client has a very structured reporting mechanism, drawing on information such as sales figures and staffing details, allowing them to set targets and generate progress reports etc.

The problem had been distributing those reports for each of the 650 nationwide stores, ensuring that only the appropriate store received the relevant reports.

This could be done manually, but was incredibly time consuming and labour intensive.

The system was developed to minimise user input and send the reports electronically via the company intranet, dropping the files into ‘bins’ for specific stores at the click of a button.

This process has helped to automate 15 reports and more will be added in the future.

We are currently looking at working with this company on another similar project that will help with the communication of store layout to managers.

The system was developed for a large organisation that has around 600 members of staff that required Personal Development Reviews.

Previously, each manager was sent an Excel spreadsheet that had several pages of questions and spaces for answers.

As this information was gathered it was then cut and pasted into an analysis sheet and some parts were used and others just kept on record.

This was, as you can imagine very time consuming and offered little in the way of analysis.

Optimise Consultancy Ltd developed a system that automatically generates individual PDRs from a list of staff and managers at the click of a button.

These can then be emailed to the particular managers for completion by interview with the member of staff.

when the PDRs have been completed they can all be sent back, and at the click of another button imported to an analysis workbook with analysis pivot tables already set up and space for further analysis if required.

The next set of PDRs can be generated from the data gathered in the previous.

This system has been further developed and can now be tailored to your organisation.