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"Gave me a good knowledge to be able to use this software for work."

Amy Hicks - Trent & Dove Housing.

Microsoft Project

Up and Running with MS Project

Course Introduction

Microsoft Project is a huge programme that will help you schedule people’s time down to the last minute. It will help you calculate the cost of a project based upon hourly rate of resources and cost of materials and how many materials were used, and on and on.

But most people don’t need all of that.

Many people simply want a Gantt chart, showing who does what and when, scheduling resource time by the day or half day. They may also find it useful to be able to add in simple costs and calculate the costs for the number of people assigned to a task.

You may need to be able to see when resources are over worked and when peak periods are and reschedule accordingly. You might find it useful to be able to keep track of where your resources are and forecast necessary changes.

You may also want a way of keeping a track of your projects, what work is complete, what is on time or overdue.

Microsoft Project doesn’t have to be complicated.

Optimise Consultancy has created a one day course showing you the basics, allowing you to get Up and Running without using all the whistles and bells, keeping you in control.

• Getting started

• Key Up & Running settings

• Adding tasks

• Linking tasks

• Creating resources

• Assigning resources

• Scheduling resources

• Modifying views

• Resource and material costs

• Adding other costs

• Built in reporting

• Tracking your project


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'The course was excellent, there were areas which I didn't know about.  The Trainer was very helpful.'

Shirley Cole - South Staffordshire Council

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